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How to fight gender violence, interview with MEP Elly Schlein

The Weinstein case that shed the light on violence and sexual abuses in the world of cinema and the cases of abuse in the European Parliament, have shifted the attention on one of the dramas of contemporary society, one of... Lire la suite →

The state of cybersecurity in the EU: what plans for the future?

For a few years now, the European Union has strived to develop its cybersecurity capabilities amid multiplied cyberattacks on both European businesses and public services. According to EU sources such as the Parliament or the Commission, the Union wants to... Lire la suite →

Neo-fascists and far-right: conquering Europe

This article aims at analyzing the neo-fascist and far-right parties that have increased their support in many countries. The analysis made on a country to country basis highlights how these parties have numerous points in common, are strongly growing and... Lire la suite →

The coming of the ‘gig economy’: a threat to European workers?

When a new kind of flexible job opportunities coming from the United States – gathered under the expression ‘gig economy’ – crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach Europe, it almost seemed like EU member states were welcoming this new way... Lire la suite →

Catalonia: the right to self-determination and the rule of law

Catalonia has become a gunpowder and seems to be exploding, as after the first of October 2017, the situation between the central state and the autonomous government has been glowing and does not seem to prove real ways of exit.... Lire la suite →

The European Union and the GAFA issue

For a couple of years now, a lot has been heard about how the European Union was sanctioning both Tech giants from the Silicon Valley and European Union member states which did not compel these companies to pay overdue corporate... Lire la suite →

The European Digital Single Market

For a few years now, the European Union has found an interest in unifying the different national digital markets and fostering a European data economy which would allow the free movement of data within the EU. A digital market is... Lire la suite →

Pologne : le Conseil de l’Europe condamne vivement les projets de réforme judiciaire. Quid de la Commission ?

Thorrrbjorn Jagland, Secrétaire général du Conseil de l’Europe, Gianni Buquicchio, président de la Commission de Venise et Nils Muiznieks, commissaire aux droits de l’homme du Conseil de l’Europe ont exprimé leur profonde inquiétude face aux projets de réforme du système... Lire la suite →

Focus sur le ‘droit à l’oubli’, élément de protection de la vie privée des Européens

Ces dernières années, le ‘droit à l’oubli’ a fait couler beaucoup d’encre. Si les procédures pour opposer son droit à l’oubli ont été simplifiées, peu de personnes en connaissent aujourd’hui l’étendue et les moyens de recours possible. Plus de trois... Lire la suite →

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