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What is Indian anal toys and its types? How to use these anal toys to gain the maximum pleasure.

What is anal?

What is anal?

We start with the definition of the anal toy. The sex toys which are used to stimulate the anal regions of male or female are called the anal sex toys.

According to the Kinkly definition

“Anal sex toys are the toys designed to stimulate the anal. These toys typically feature balls or spherical elements to stimulate the anal. Most of the anal toys have a flared base to ensure that they do not go far up to the rectum.”

Is it possible to buy anal toys in India?

Yes! Now a day, it’s very easy to purchase the Indian anal toys. In Indian, you cannot find any physical shop but there are many e-commerce sites which offer you varieties of Indian anal toys.

From these e-commerce sites, you can easily buy Indian anal toys according to your choice, need and budgets and do the payment via credit card, debit card, COD or net banking.

What types of anal toys are available in India

What types of anal toys are available in India

As you know that in the market varieties of Indian anal sex toys are available. You can prefer the different types of Indian anal sex toys for a different purpose. Some of the most popular Indian anal toys are -

Anal beads

In the anal beads, the first few beads are small and gradually the size of the anal beads gets an increase. Anal beads are the perfect sex toys for the beginner user. Anal beads are commonly made with flexible materials like silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal. It is beginner anal sex toys. It is designed in such a manner that it has a ring at the end so you can easily hold it.

Anal vibrator

Other most popular Indian anal toys are an anal vibratora>. Indian user loves to use anal vibrator toys because anal vibration sex toys provide the unique and enhance pleasure during the sexual activity. Anal vibrator sex toys have different types of vibration function and speed. You can easily select any combination of the vibration function and speed and enjoy your play.

Butt plug

Buttplug is one of the most common Indian anal sex toys. Mostly user prefers the butt plug to stretch the anus. Some of the butt plugs are also available with the vibration function. The butt plug is perfect for the beginner who wants to stretch their anal.

Anal dildo

A dildo is one of the most popular sex toys in Indian. Many users prefer the Indian dildo to stimulate their anal, anus or rectum. Anal dildoa> is designed in such a manner that when men use it then it stimulates the prostate gland and when female use it then it stimulates the back wall of the vagina.

Male prostate toy

A prostate massager is a sex toy to stimulate the anal. You can say that it is a sex toy for men. Male can prefer this prostate massager to stimulate their prostate. This toy also helps the male partner to reach the orgasm.

Douches and enema

Anal douches and enema is a device which is used to clean the anal before the anal sex or anal masturbation. It is available in the market with different shape, size and design.

How to choose the best anal toys which suit you?

How to choose the best anal toys which suit you?

Now you know that there are varieties of Indian anal toys are available. It’s difficult for anyone to choose the best Indian anal dildo for them. So, here I suggest you some key point. Keep these key points in your mind and select the best Indian dildo and enjoy your anal play.

Select according to the size

At the time, when you decided to use the Indian anal toys the first things come on your mind is which size is perfect for me. Like any other sex toys, Indian anal toys also come in varieties of size.

For the first time user or the beginner user, it is better to select the small size anal toy.

If you have experience in the anal play then you can select any size of the Indian anal toys.

Select according to the material

Indian anal toys are available in all sorts of material. So, it’s difficult to decide which material is good for you and which material Indian anal toy you should prefer. Here, we will talk about how to pick the best material for Indian anal toys.

Softer materials

Soft material Indian anal toys work great for all types of play. The soft material Indian anal toys are generally made with the PVC, rubber, latex, jelly, silicone etc. All these materials are of high quality so it is completely safe for all types of skin.

Some of these materials are super soft and easily move inside the anal with the body while others are completely stiff in the core and covered with a squishy material around the outside.

Firmer material

If you are the expert user or if you are looking for the direct or pinpoint stimulation or you want something hard then you should select the firmer material Indian anal toys. The firmer material Indian anal toys are generally made with ABS plastic, metal, glass, wood etc.

These materials Indian anal toys are body safe and pleasurable.

How to gain pleasure in anal with the help of anal toys?

How to gain pleasure in anal with the help of anal toys?

Do you know how to have anal sex for better pleasure? If you don't know then click here for more detail information. Hope, this article help you a lot to know how to have an anal sex.

If you really want to gain pleasure during the anal sex or anal masturbation with your Indian anal sex toys then you should follow some tips. You should always do the anal sex or anal masturbation only for short time duration. Here, we suggest you to follow some steps to gain pleasure with the Indian anal toys.

Always use lots of anal lube only

Anal is not self-lubricated like the vagina, so it's necessary to use the lots of good quality sex lubricant during the anal sex or anal masturbation. Make sure that the lube which you select is the anal lube only. The anal lube is different from the other ordinary sex lube.

You should apply the anal lube on your Indian anal toy and also near the anal for smooth and soft insertion feeling.

If your anal toys are made with the silicone material then avoid using the silicone-based lube. In this case, it is better to use the water-based lube.

Discuss about your play

If you want to use the Indian anal toys with your partner then it is necessary for you to discuss with your partner before involving in the anal play.

Surprise anal play is not good at all. It is always painful and your partner may also hurt. While having the anal play, it is necessary that both the partners are aware of the basic rules of anal play and that is no forcing anything in, take it slow and stop if it hurts.

Build up slowly

You should always start with the small butt plug or finger. According to my experience, start with the butt plug which easily fits on your finger.

Once you get comfortable with that then you can easily work up to slightly bigger size.

Never go straight with the big anal toys. Remember that.

Relax and have fun

The key to successful and great anal play is relaxing. If you are in tension then you are not going to enjoy your anal play. So, relaxation is very important.

How to maintain your anal toys?

How to maintain your anal toys?

Most of the anal toys or you can say that all most every Indian anal toy is reusable. So, once you complete your anal play then it is necessary for you to clean the anal toy.

After using the toy, clean it properly with water or toy cleaner to make it free from germs and bacteria.

After cleaning the toy with water, use the dryer or cloths to make it dry.

If your toy is battery operated then removes the battery and then store it. If you leave the battery in the battery case for a long time then there is a chance that your toy gets damaged due to the leakage of the battery.

In case, if you have a huge collection of anal toys then store then separately.

Recommended anal sex toys

Here, we recommended some of the anal toys.

Jeweled design anal plug-S

It is a small butt plug which is easily used by the beginner user. It is made with high-quality material and very soft in touch. Anyone can easily purchase and used it.

Analytic blue

It is an anal dildo. You can use this anal toy with or without the vibration function. If you want the vibration effect then add bullet vibrator on the hook and used it as a vibrating dildo.