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Interview – ICMPD. Part II: The Balkan and Turkish migration route

The refugee crisis brought to the fore the realisation that the EU can not act alone. Arriving via Turkey, migrants first enter the EU, then cross into non-EU countries and re-enter the EU again to reach the Schengen area. Therefore,... Lire la suite →

Interview – Ralph Genetzke from ICMPD (Part I)

Migration has turned into a huge issue for the European Union and its Member States in the past decade and became a crucial consideration in EU foreign and security policy. During the last 25 years, the International Center for Migration... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay: The Dutch-Turkish diplomatic row is a European problem

Dutch-Turkish relations are at a record low, and this crisis is spreading in Western Europe. Germany, Austria, Denmark are also concerned about the possible tensions a debate on the Turkish referendum would create inside their Turkish minorities. The Turkish constitutional... Lire la suite →

The EU-Turkey strange relationship: forced but necessary

Last 22 November, a vast majority of the political groups in the European Parliament said that the Commission should temporarily freeze the accession talks with Turkey because of its post-coup purges. After the failed coup attempt on 15 July, press... Lire la suite →

[#FACTOFTHEDAY: attack in southern Turkey; killed 8 people and injured 100, following the massive government arrests ]

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a car bomb targeting a police station had exploded Friday, and killed eight people, including six civilians and two police officers. Yildirim said 100 people were also injured in the explosion. Turkish authorities blamed the... Lire la suite →

Accord EU-Turquie: adhésion, visas et financements – l’avenir des relations entre Europe et Turquie

L'organisation de défense des droits de l'homme Amnesty International dénonce «un coup historique porté aux droits de l'homme». Oxfam accuse les dirigeants européens et turcs d'avoir conclu un accord qui risque de se résumer ainsi : «marchander des êtres humains... Lire la suite →

Why the NATO is in the Aegean? What is the European reaction? Waiting for the European Council answer on 17 Mars

The European Union has promptly responded to Turkey requests for the migrant question. Since 2014, two European naval operations have taken place in the Mediterranean in order to deal with human trafficking. However, two European countries have asked NATO for... Lire la suite →

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