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Adaptation et stabilité: les plans de l’UE et de l’OTAN en Libye

Le 16 février 2017, au cours de la réunion ministérielle de l'Alliance atlantique à Bruxelles, la demande d’aide de la part du Premier ministre libyen Fayez el-Sarraj pour la formation et le développement des forces armées du pays a été... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay: The Dutch-Turkish diplomatic row is a European problem

Dutch-Turkish relations are at a record low, and this crisis is spreading in Western Europe. Germany, Austria, Denmark are also concerned about the possible tensions a debate on the Turkish referendum would create inside their Turkish minorities. The Turkish constitutional... Lire la suite →

Munich Security Conference 2017: Uncertainty over a « post-Truth, post-West, post-Order » World

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) is a three days long global platform where the elite gathers to discuss security threats and the future of security policies. No less than Angela Merkel, Mike Pence, António Guterres, Federica Mogherini, several European leaders,... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay: The future of EU-U.S. relations – Did Pence bring the wind of change?

Today the American Vice-President Mike Pence was in Brussels for holding talks with EU officials. His visit follows contrastive and confusional signals coming from USA since the election of Trump as a president. The new approach to foreign policy, introduced... Lire la suite →

OTAN : L’Europe a besoin des États-Unis et les États-Unis ont besoin de l’Europe(Conférence du Secrétaire général de l’OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg, organisée par le German Marshall Fund)

Le 18 Novembre 2016, le German Marshall Fund (GMF) a organisé une conférence sur le thème de la coopération UE-États-Unis, invitant le Secrétaire général de l'OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg.La réunion du 18 novembre 2016 a été mise en place pour renforcer... Lire la suite →

A stronger NATO means a stronger Europe. Sea Guardian and Operation Sophia together

After NATO Defence Ministers decisions in February 2016, Allies have swiftly made international efforts in terms of maritime to stem the flow of irregular migration in the Aegean Sea concerning the refugees and migrants crisis. The NATO mission, approved in... Lire la suite →

#Factoftheday: NATO will enhance its contribution to the Global coalition to counter ISIS

NATO has decided to enhance its contribution to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS. The U.S.-led Coalition has been providing air support for Iraqi and Kurdish forces notably since the beginning of the battle of Mosul, which is considered to... Lire la suite →

The European Power: operation Sophia in and within UN and NATO

On 6 June 2016, Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR), asked to adopt a resolution on authorising Operation Sophia to enforce the UN embargo on the high seas, off the coast... Lire la suite →

NATO’s proportional concept in the Eastern borders: the Stoltenberg policy

On April 20, 2016 the NATO-Russia Council meeting took place. This meeting was necessary because of the continuous offensive policies of Russia (mainly in Ukraine), but also because of the increasing tension along Eastern borders of the Atlantic Alliance. The... Lire la suite →

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