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First-time anal sex guide for the beginner. Learn these tips and make your first anal sex pleasurable and memorable.

Does anal sex hurt for the first time?

Does anal sex hurt for the first time?

Anal sex hurts for the first time, it is one of the most common misconceptions. the first time most of you experience some pain or discomfort. But the truth is if you do the anal sex in the right manner or if you know how to have anal sex then the possibility of getting hurt will decrease. Doing the right manner means paying attention to your body and knowing how to respond, help you a lot.

Here, we explain to you how to do the first time anal sex, so that you can experience the pleasant pleasure instead of pain.

First-time anal sex hurts: Tips for you to feel comfortable without hurting

First-time anal sex hurts: Tips for you to feel comfortable without hurting

Now, let’s introduce some tips that will make you feel comfortable with your first time anal sex. Hope, these anal sex tips help you a lot and you can enjoy your play without hurting or pain.

Clean your anal and also intestine

Once you decide to have anal sex then you must have to clean the anal. Without cleaning your anal, you cannot enjoy your anal sex or even anal masturbation. Not only the anal but you have to also clean the intestine.

To clean the anal and intestine, you can also poop before 1 hour of your sexual act. If you feel that this is not enough for you can also use the anal douches and enema.

Use anal douches and enema

It is very easy to use anal douches and enema. Follow these simple tips for anal cleaning.

  • At the very first, take a shit.
  • Clean your douches and also your hand properly.
  • Make sure that the water you take for anal cleaning is lukewarm.
  • After preparing all these things, apply sex lubricant on your anal and also on the tip of the nozzle.
  • Try to make yourself relax and push the nozzle gently a few centimetres inside.
  • Each time you rinse, let the water flow in slowly until your rectum feels full.
  • At last, sit on the toilet and relax your sphincter, letting the water flow out along with the shit.
  • Repeat this process 2 to 3 times until the water that comes out is clean.

Relax with anal massage

Before inserting anything inside the anal, you should spend some time with anal massage. You should massage your anal or your partner anal with your fingers. It helps you to get relax and prepare you for anal sex.

You can massage the anal with different motions like you can massage from the outside to the centre of the anus or you can massage from the centre of the anus to the outside or massage by swirling with the belly of the finger etc.

Add some anal foreplay and rimming

To make your anal sex more comfortable, you should also spend some time in foreplay and rimming. Foreplay helps to make both the partner comfortable.

Rimming is the sexual method in which one partner can stimulate the butt of the other partner. Sometimes rimming is also called the anilingus, oral-anal sex or anal-oral contact.

Use lots of anal sex lube

While involving in the anal sex or anal masturbation, it is necessary for everyone to select the anal lube only. Anal sex lube is different from the other ordinary sex lube.

Do you want to know why I suggest you use only anal lube while having the anal sex or anal masturbation?

Well, as you all know that anal is not self-lubricated. So you need a lube which is thick and works for a long time. Almost every anal lube is long-lasting. Anal lubes reduce friction and make the surface slippery. It also helps to reduce the pain and make the insertion smooth.

So, if you prefer the anal lube then you should not need to reapply the lube between your play.

Use anal sex toys

Before inserting the penis into the anal, first, you should practice with the anal toys or fingers. If you want to develop your anal then butt plug is the best option for you.

Along with the butt plug, you can also select any other anal toys like vibrating anal toys, anal beads, anal dildo etc. Male partner can also prefer the anal prostate toy to stimulate the prostate.

Some of the female partners also prefer the strap on dildo to stimulate their male partner anal.

Select the small and thin anal sex toys

If you are the first time user then you have to select the small and thin anal toys. Small anal toys are easy to insert.

Now a day, special types of anal toys are available especially for the first time user or beginner user. You can start with this special type of beginner anal toys.

Move slow! Not violently

The inside of the anus is very delicate. It is natural to insert something in the anal, but it is vulnerable like in the vagina. So, I suggest you not to insert the toy hardly or forcefully.

Insert the sex toys into the anal only when your partner is ready.

If he or she is not ready or feel nerves then try to make her/him comfortable. Once both the partner get comfortable then only you can make your anal sex success.

Try the simple sex positions

Try the simple sex positions

There are lots of great sex positions available for anal sex. But as a beginner, you should select some simple sex positions in which you and your partner both feel comfortable.

If you are the beginner user or first-time user then you can select these sex positions also. The receiving partner often finds it easiest to be on their back, on their stomach or on all fours.

For some people being on top is easier and gives them more control.

So, select that sex position in which you and your partner both feel comfortable then only you can enjoy your sexual activity.