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Interview – ICMPD. Part II: The Balkan and Turkish migration route

The refugee crisis brought to the fore the realisation that the EU can not act alone. Arriving via Turkey, migrants first enter the EU, then cross into non-EU countries and re-enter the EU again to reach the Schengen area. Therefore,... Lire la suite →

Interview – ICMPD. Part III: Migration in Sahelian Africa:

Tackling the socio-economic reasons for departure: a prerequisite for a good Mobility Partnership African countries are among our most crucial partners to tackle this migration crisis, being both source and transit countries. They also bear significant part of the human... Lire la suite →

Interview – Ralph Genetzke from ICMPD (Part I)

Migration has turned into a huge issue for the European Union and its Member States in the past decade and became a crucial consideration in EU foreign and security policy. During the last 25 years, the International Center for Migration... Lire la suite →

E-democracy: could it bridge the gap between the EU institutions and the citizens?

In an increasingly digitalized world, democracy has to adapt to a new environment. In order to bridge the gap between citizens and governments, and to promote the citizens’ participation in the democratic process, EU member States have started exploring e-democracy... Lire la suite →

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