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#FactOfTheDay 23/01/2018: The European parliament takes care of the ‘Spitzenkandidat’ for 2019

Major ideas of institutional reforms will be on table before European Parliament election who stand in May 2019. One of them, the ‘Spitzenkandidat’, needs the support of the European Parliament (EP) to select the Commission President. In fact, today, the... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 18/02/2018 – Juncker would like the United Kingdom to rejoin the European Union

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in Strasbourg that he "would like" to see the UK return to the EU after Brexit, even if this proposal will not considered by London. But President Juncker said: “I noticed that in London,... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 16/01/2018 : New reforms against the right to strike in Greece

The Greek members of Parliament have adopted yesterday evening a very controversial measure, by a 154 to 141 vote, that affects the right to go on strike in the country. Already overwhelmed by many fiscal crises in recent years, Greece... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 11/01/2018: Frederica Mogherini takes a stand for peace regarding North and South Korea

New talks between North Korea and South Korea seem to have been fruitful. These two countries, at war since 1950, have agreed in three points and issued a joint statement. The negotiations lasted for over 10 hours and it was... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 09/01/2018: Bulgaria takes over the European Union Council presidency for the next six months

Bulgaria started its round as the holder of the EU Council presidency on the 1st January 2018, after Estonia concluded its turn by the end of the year 2017. It is the first time the country assumes this position since... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 21/12/2017: EU uses its “nuclear option” against Poland

This Wednesday (21st of December), the European Commission launched the article 7 procedure against Poland. The article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty provides a mechanism to safeguard fundamental EU values when they are considered under threat. This procedure is qualified... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 19/12/2017: The European Commission opens new State aid investigation on Dutch tax regime

On Monday, 18th December, the European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into the Dutch tax regime which has been applied to the company Ikea between 2006 and 2011. There are indeed some suspicions that this might be a new State... Lire la suite →

#Factoftheday 14/12/2017: The North Atlantic Council extends NATO Secretary General mandate

NATO allies have extended Jens Stoltenberg's term as chief of the Western alliance until September 30th, 2020. “Allies congratulate the secretary-general and have full confidence in his ability to continue his dedicated work to advance NATO’s adaptation to the security... Lire la suite →

#FactOfTheDay 12/12/2017: The European Union takes a firm stance opposite to Trump’s regarding Jerusalem

Last week, the United States’ President Donald Trump made history – yet again – by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This decision had the effect of an earthquake in international politics, but the European Union will not budge. Israel and... Lire la suite →

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