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A story about anal sex where everyone is interested. Beginners anal sex toys like butplug, anal dildo etc., what is anal sex and history of anal sex.

What is anal sex?

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is a sexual activity in which people can stimulate the anal or anus. Couple can insert their finger, anal toys or men's penis into the anal during anal sex. Anal sex stands for penis in anal intercourse. While doing the anal sex people can also insert their middle finger, index finger or whole hand to stimulate the anal. In addition, rimming may be done as a preparatory exercise.

Now a day, there are many anal sex toys are available in the market. The anal sex toys are design in such a manner that people use it only to stimulate the anal. People does not use the anal sex toys for vagina intercourse. Some of the anal sex toys are also available in the market with vibration function. The vibrating anal sex toys have varieties of vibration function and speed. People can select any combination of vibration function and speed during anal sex. Some of the people enjoy the anal sex and feel pleasure whereas some people does not like to do the anal sex.

During sexual activity, if couple wants to involve in the anal sex then it is important for them to get relax and know how to anal. While involving in the anal sex, couple should apply lots of anal lubricant because like the vagina, anal does not make its own lubricant. Anal lubricant is differ from the other lubricant. If people use any types of sex toys during anal sex, then they should also apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the sex toys, so that it can easily get inserted into the anal. If people does not use the personal lubricant then there is possibility that his or her partner gets hurt during anal intercourse.

Couple also use different types of condom during anal sex. Condoms help people to prevent from different types of STD (sexual transmitted diseases) such as HIV, Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Genital warts, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and many other diseases.

Why do you want to do anal sex?

Why do you want to do anal sex?

Most of the people does not like to involve in the anal sex. There are only some people who like to do the anal sex. It's essential that the two peoples are energetic about having anal sex and that nobody is feeling influenced or constrained into doing anything they don't want to do. Converse with your partner about assurance before you begin having anal sex to enable things to go all the more easily.

Some people feel pleasure while doing the anal sex. There are many people who do not like to involve in the anal sex because they think that only the people who have gay identify can involve in anal sex. But it is not true. Any people can involve in anal sex either gay or heterosexual couples.

Types of sex toys used for anal sex?

Why do you want to do anal sex?

To stimulate the anal, couple use different types of anal sex toys like butplug, anal vibrator, anal dildo, anal beads, prostate massager, etc. People use this sex toys alone or with the partners.


But plug is one of the most popular anal sex toys. But plug are very similar to the dildo sex toys. Its length is shorter and it have a flanged end. Couple generally used this sex toys for long term stimulation. But plug is available in the market with different size and style. This toy is perfect for the beginner user.

Anal dildo

Anal dildo is a dildo sex toys which is used to stimulate the anal or rectum. Anal dildo is available in different color, shape, size and textures. For the beginner couple it is better to use the small size anal dildo sex toys. People do not use the anal dildo sex toys for vagina penetration.

Anal beads

Anal beads is an anal sex toys which is used by any of the people either men or woman. Anal beads consists multiple small balls. All the balls attached together in a series. Couple can easily insert the anal beads into the anal or rectum and remove it with varying speeds for enhance pleasure.

Prostate massager

Prostate massager is an anal sex toys for men. It is design in such a manner that only male partner can use it to stimulate the prostate. Prostate is one of the most sensitive part of the men's body. Prostate massager is also available in the market with different types of vibration function and speed. Male can easily use prostate massager during the masturbation. So it is also called the masturbating toys.

The history of anal sex

The history of anal sex

People have been carving and utilizing a wide range of gadgets for delight since the ancient year. In the vicinity of 100AD and 800AD in Northern Peru, the Moche culture creation of earthenware detonated. A pot delineating a couple occupied with anal sex. Anal sex may be a method for the need to comprehend new political power structures - isn't considerably more conceivable. The adjacent Recuay individuals additionally made sex pots in a similar time however they portrayed great designed penis and vagina sex.

The dildo is one of the oldest sex toys. In the ancient year, people use the sex toys to satisfy their sexual need when they are alone. At that time, most of the people also use the dildo and other sex toys for pleasure feeling.