Palestinian rival factions, Fatah and Hamas, announced they have reached a deal, after a decade of opposition between the West Bank and Gaza.

On Tuesday, reconciliation discussions started taking place between representatives of the two factions, Saleh al-Arouri (Hamas) and Azzam al-Ahmed (Fatah). This happened after Hamas agreed to cede powers in Gaza to Fatah’s President, Mahmoud Abbas. On Thursday, at dawn, discussions ended.

Little is still known about what will be done, a press conference should occur in the next few days – having initially been planned for noon. However, important facts have been revealed: first of all, the Palestinian President will likely travel to the Gaza Strip. Moreover, they will be deploying 3000 members of the Palestinian Authority police to Gaza, and other PA forces will take control of the Rafah border.

Finally, sanctions from Fatah in Gaza will also be lifted. These included reducing electricity payments, meaning residents only had access to it a few hours per day; cutting employees’ salaries by 30%; as well as medical funding.

Their objective is to continue negotiations so that administrative issues are resolved for the handout, and a unity government is formed.

Carolina Duarte de Jesus

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